August 1967 was a wonderful day, when our son, Brad was born.


At age 5, Brad was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. When we told Brad that he had to go to the hospital for a few days, he was so brave and helped pack his little suitcase ready to learn the routine of daily injections, diet, and testings for the rest of his life.


In grade 5, Brad designed a house for his teacher, which included a bowling alley in the basement.  The teacher liked it so much he gave Brad a plaque reading “To Brad…a Future Architect”


He was always a unique and gifted leader, and during his high school years, was involved in our church youth group. We had many outings and special times at our acreage with Family and friends. 


Our Cottage, which Brad designed, allowed our family and eventually 10 grandchildren to enjoy many memorable moments at the lake…Christmas, Easter, Birthdays or just an evening around the fire.  We started “Cousins Camp” where we would give our three married children a break, while we took their kids to our cottage for 3 days.  To this day, the cousins love to support one another in many ways.


During his University years in Eugene, Oregon, Brad had the opportunity to lead the church college group of 100 students, thanks to youth Pastor Corey Rose. Those three years were a highlight of his young life.


Following graduation from University, Brad married Janet, and together they gave us our four wonderful grandchildren, Kayla, Amy, Josh, and Ben, who to this day are such a blessing to us.


At an early age, Brad committed his life to Jesus and purposed to serve Him for the rest of his life.  He willingly shared his faith with those he came in contact with.


Brad joined the Gideon Ministry of Bible Distribution and his leadership brought many changes which advanced the ministry to a Global Outreach.


As Brad eventually formed his own Architectural Company “Kennedy” we enjoyed going to City Council to see him a make a brilliant and masterful presentation of his latest high rise tower.


What an encouragement it has been to read the numerous tributes from the Mayor, Councillors, business associates, and friends who have shared how Brad, not only was an insightful, visionary leader in our city, but also took time to listen and support those who shared their personal needs.


God gave Brad 51 years, which he lived to the full. The complications of diabetes were evident, although he never complained. 

His physical heart was enlarged and finally stopped, but as a close friend said “He had a large heart, indeed!”


His life was in God’s hands and it was his time. (Psalm. 31:15) Thank you, God, for giving us Brad our wonderful son.




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