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Lies Women Believe.



Culture is just the majority of voices in the time that we live that dramatically influence our view of the world. That doesn’t mean culture is telling us the truth.

I remember reading that one of Hitler’s propaganda techniques to gain a following was repetitionThe more people you hear talking about something, the easier it is to believe it to be true.


That’s scary. We need to really think about the way that we let culture shape our understanding of the world.


So held up against culture, this book is full of controversial topics and opinions! This one is not for the faint of heart.

Clearly no one really has it figured out, because if you hadn’t noticed, the world is kind of a mess. So it’s worth considering that maybe these counter-cultural thoughts are not so outrageous to consider. 


The principle of the book is that our view of a ‘God’ whether it exists or not dramatically influences the way that you make sense of the world. 


And if you do believe that the Bible was really “God’s Word”, then it would logically make sense to do what it says, because it promises a life of wholeness if you live in they way you were intended. I recognize that’s not the only purpose of the Bible... but this book primarily speaks to that theme.


A majority of the topics I agreed with, a few of them were more of a challenge for me. The following are some of my favorite sections.


I should also say as a disclaimer that this book is covered in biblical terms. I would compare biblical terms to medical terms. They won’t make intuitive sense unless they are explained to you.


Unfortunately, many man-made cults and movie plots about serial killers use the same terminology and have left a cringe feeling when we hear these words in general. I would recommend if you want to tackle a book like this, find a source to explain biblical analogies.They are often intended to be poetic, but they will just be plain creepy if you read them literally!

One really good source I would recommend is


Here is a link to the source I mentioned in the commentary to better understand some of the nuances and poetic wording in this book that may be confusing if read too literally. 


They certainly know how to write with a hook. A lot of these appear to be true at first glance. As the author writes later, "the most effective [lies] are those that look the most like the Truth."

LIE #1: 

God is not good.


LIE #8:

I need to love myself more.


LIE #I2:

I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings.

LIE #18:

I don't have enough time. 


LIE #35:

My children are my #1 priority.

LIE #37:

If I feel something, it must be true.

LIE #38:

I can't control my emotions.

LIE #41:

I am the way that I am because of my circumstances. (PARAPHRASED)

LIE #42:

I shouldn't have to suffer.


In some sense, every problem, every war, every wound, every broken relationship, every heartache goes back to one simple lie. 


The most effective [lies] are those that look the most like the Truth. 


Sometimes the truth hurts. It is rarely popular.

PAGE 49 

My objective is not for you to agree with everything I say, but to motivate you to seek out the Truth.


Every created thing is guaranteed to disappoint us.

PAGE 115

The average woman today has the equivalent of fifty full-time servants in the form of modern time-saving devices and equipment. 

Nancy shares how she overcame the guilt of not doing enough.

PAGE 262 

LIE: we have no choice but to be controlled by our emotions… 

eg. You may not be able to help feeling vulnerable in a lonely season… but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop yourself from “falling in love” with [someone else]. 


Satan deceived Eve by causing her to question the goodness, love, and motives of God. 


He implication was: “Has God put restrictions on your freedom? 

Sounds like He doesn’t want you to be happy.” 


The truth is that God had said, “You are free to eat from any tree of the garden” (2:16) — except one.

The truth is that God is a generous God.

PAGE 103

Lie: If we accept full responsibility for our choices, we’ll be plagued with unnecessary guilt.  Truth: Only by accepting full responsibility for our own actions… can we ever be fully free from guilt.

PAGE 216/17

If Satan can’t get you to embrace the lie that your personal desires are more important than the needs of your children, then he’ll try to convince you of the opposite lie: that your life is all about your children…. It’s human nature for humans to idolize things; Col. 3:5  

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